Saturday, February 17, 2007

Family Room

When we moved in a year ago, the first job we did was to replace the ceiling in our family-room located in the basement. It is a large spacious room but has a tricky layout because of the woodstove situated smack dab in the middle of the room.

The woodstove sits on a cement slab which would have been poured as part of the basment 36 odd years ago. It was covered in a groovy brown and biege tile that I took great joy in smashing! Then we... or I should say, my brother and husband smashed out the first layer of cement on the fireplace pad. This pad sat about 12" off the ground. We discovered below the ugly but groovy tile a great surprise of beautiful to me (not so much to the men) flagstones. So, they were forced to chip them out and they are now safely located meandering through my flower beds that I am slowly working on....though that is another story for another time.

To my dismay, they announced that demolishing the cement pad by sledge-hammer wasn't feasible (weaklings!!) and we needed to rent a jack-hammer! Needless to say, a year later, it still isn't finished as the motivation was not found during the busy summer months.

However, we did manage to paint the walls a very sunny yellow and we replaced the incredibly horrible drop ceiling with gyprock. We installed pot lights and now the family room is a pretty happy place to be....except for a few minor details....we still have one wall of fake wood panelling to remove and replace with gyprock. It goes up the stairs so my husband is stalling on doing drives me crazy!!! I hate wood panelling and he hates anything tricky and therefore requires much deep thinking and planning and discussion with a million other people to confirm what I already know and have told him!

However, this house is to be our home for a long time and I truly believe it is a life lesson for me to be patient and wait....not my strongest quality! I tend to want to take a task on and fix it! So I, being the dutiful wife will wait on the wood panelling...more so, because I am distracted by other jobs I want done, and it lulls my husband into a false sense of security that I am patient and agree with his wise councel! When I do zone in on this detail once again, I will threaten to prime and paint it, which will probably spur him into action....he hates it if I waste money and get paint on the carpet....LOL...silly man, I do that so he will paint!