Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm now a crockpotter...

I finally broke down and purchased a slow cooker aka crock pot! It isn't my first fact, I've had two or three over the years that collected dust until I gave them away to some eager friend who mentioned they might like to try one out.

My original dislike for crockpots was mainly due to the fact that everything tasted the same. Meat and veggies all taste identical and I know this will sound even weirder, but the meat tastes meatier...which I don't like!

However, with blogging, I have come across so many yummy sounding recipes and then I recently found a blog dedicated to crockpot cooking called A Year of Crockpotting that finally, I felt inspired to buy one.

The fact that I am working outside the home now and trying to avoid the 5pm "what are we having for dinner" dilemma also factored into it.

I purchased a Bravetti because of the timer and the extra inserts which allows you to cook two items seperately. I will let you know how I make out and what recipes I find success with.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Matthew Mead Halloween Tricks and Treats Magazine

Just wanted to mention that Mathew Mead's latest holiday magazine Matthew Mead Halloween Tricks and Treats has hit the store shelves! Why you ask...because he dedicated this special issue to my amazingly talented sister at Restyled Home. Also, because these are projects that even I can do...and I really am craft challenged! I can't wait to share some of the projects with my little girl as we need to spend some quality mummy & daughter time! This magazine is perfect for that!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My Lovely, Talented Sister

My amazingly talented sister began her blog Restyled Home over a year ago thanks to my constant nagging that she needed to start one! I knew how talented she was in home decorating and writing and the time seemed right that the two should meet.

Well, Linda never does anything mediocre...she poured herself into her blog. She discovered how much fun it is to write about something your passionate about and from writing, make friends with so many wonderful people in blog land.

To me, blogs are one of the best ways to discoverer talented people who might never be noticed because of our distant locations and the limited opportunities to share our passion with other people. Well, since Linda started writing, she has created a true following on her blog, become close friends with many wonderful people including Mathew Mead from Country Home magazine. He recently launched his first magazine and dedicated the first issue to my little sister! Cool!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Ben, Connor their cousin and Sam!

Wow, after over a year of anticipation we finally reached the kids started public school.

Ben, Ella, Sam & Connor heading for the bus.

Last spring, 2007, I/we realized that it was time for Ben & Sam to go into highschool. It would be the perfect time because Sam would start grade nine and Ben grade eleven. They could support one another during this transition and major change in their life. I also realized that my earlier enthusiasm to have them write SAT's, CAT's, the record keeping all to prove what they had learned, so that they could attend University and or Community College, drained me at the thought. After 11 years of homeschooling my kids were curious to give public school a try and I was tired and had many other responsibilities that were pulling me in many directions.

Ella coming off the bus...she didn't want to get off!

Upon hearing that his brothers were going to public school, Jack my middle son then wanted to go to school too...can you see the snowball effect...however, sending Jack was more complicated because he would be starting middle school..a place I really don't want any of my kids attending.

Luckily, last year when I told my friend Heidi about our pending decision so that maybe she would consider it too for this fall...she did one better, and out of the blue put her kids into a private Catholic school about two weeks later! They chose the school started by my very close friends in the city, which is an amazing school with some very dedicated teachers and parents! Jack's teacher is also the principal of the school and a former homeschooler!!! So, Jack is now attending that school because he can get a drive with Heidi. Otherwise, he would have probably had to continue homeschooling. Jack doesn't start till Monday, so he has had a pretty boring week with just me or his dad. Right now he is reviewing his math from last year and moaning the whole time! I won't miss his poor me attitude when it comes to work!

Three handsome fellas!

Ella my youngest also started kindergarten. Last year at the urging of my mother, she encouraged me to let Ella attend pre-school. Well, we did and she loved it! So much so that she insisted on trying out kindergarten! So, we have attended the first day and so far she loves her teachers, the bus ride and recess! She stated the rest is boring...but I know she will settle in and it helps that a family friend is also the Teacher Assistant which helped me in my own nervousness in letting her go. I am hopeful ella will make some new little friends as our neighbourhood doesn't have little girls her age.

Ella rushing to hug grampy & nanny!

This is a huge change for me...when I knew for sure that Jack would be attending private school, I knew I had to get a part-time job to help pay for it. I truly lucked out and found a job in a local baby boutique that I love! They promote all the philosophies that I embraced...attachement parenting, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, healthy toys, family bed, homemade baby food, and truly cool items that I used to order from catalogues or online. To have all this variety here locally is wonderful and I truly admire the owner who is a really great mother, business woman and a school teacher to boot!

Ella following the principal & learning the morning routine.

So, life isn't slowing down at is getting busier in a new way but I feel great, excited, and ready for change!