Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sam & Jack's room continued....

Okay, so we are still working on their hubbie managed to get the floor down on Saturday and paint the accent wall. We still have lots to do...but hopefully you will get an idea of the room.

The accent wall is still the old colour yellow. The colonial closet door I snagged at a yardsale for $5 and the cool computer chair was $2!

Yes, the dresser is being painted...notice the ugly carpet!

These steel frame shelves were so cheap...only $20 at Cotsco and you can build them in whatever configuration you want. Very heavy duty too!

Just another shot of the old colour.

The bunk beds are going! The Canadian maple bedside table I got at Value Village for $5 and it is retro 70's! I do have to paint the drawer fronts but I will keep the hardware.

So, this shows you the ugly....hopefully the next posts will show a new and improved kids room!

Ella's pretty in pink bedroom...

Here are a few photos of my little girls room. The room originally was dark and gloomy. This is what I call a make-up renovation. We still have to replace her windows....summer 2008 and add new flooring and trim which will hopefully be this fall. I have reconciled myself to getting laminate for upstairs until we can replace it later with hardwood. I can't live with the old carpet and it kinda freaks me out that it maybe harbouring dust and dirt. We have a woodstove so I prefer surfaces that can be wiped down.

The wooden kitchen set is a favourite!

Her bed I bought at a yardsale for $20!

Gifts from people we love!

Desk & Chair from Value Village for $20!

A closer view of her kitchen! She uses a vintage china teapot!

Lousy photo but it shows her beloved Jasmine lamp.

A couple of photos proving Ella has actually slept in her bed...even if it was just pretend!

I will add more photos later of the other side of her room....the room was messy that day from renovating their brother's room. So, I just moved all the junk around till I couldn't take any more photos. I wish I had a better camera with a wide angle lens...did I mention I hate my camera!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Diningroom again....

I am finally painting the inside of my diningroom china cupboard! It has only taken me months to get around to it.....I will share the after pictures later...I am also trying to weed out some dishes or glassware....but I find it so hard! As the photos show, I have lots of jugs, dishes, glasses, even a soup toureen...and I love every piece.

I have a temporary book-shelf in the diningroom and the stuff on the top is my maybe pile.....the worst thing is the painful headaches I get when I paint....horrible! So, I have to muster up the enthusiasm to endure another bad headache as I add another coat of paint!

However, it will be nice to get this project done and then finally move onto the dining table...I can't wait to paint it and add new material to the seats...well actually I can wait on the work, but I can't wait to see the end result!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Boys Room...

We are planning on redoing our son's room. It is simply...disgusting! It has carpet that has to go and we plan to widen the entrance into the closet to make it more practical for storing clothing and odds and ends. We will replace all the trim and closet door and paint.

Their room is a lovely spacious room that has full sun during the day...that is why you see Finnigan lounging on their armchair. The room holds bunkbeds, a fullsize comfy armchair, a steel shelving rack for their television, music and baskets of junk plus their dresser and a computer desk. All that, and the room is still spacious!

Since our house is a capecod, you get lots of neat angles that can also be tricky. Inside their huge closet, the ceiling slopes...that is why we plan to widen the closet door entrance to take advantage of the wasted space. Andy loves building closet organizers. He has always built really nice custom fit ones in all our homes. Plus, it will be fun to paint the angled wall a nice contrasting colour.

My biggest dilemma is the flooring. I have always preferred hardwood. My second choice is berber then it would be laminate. It isn't that I don't like the look of laminate...I is the feel...I'm weird like that...maybe a bit OCD...but the feel under my foot or the sound that muffles up has always irritated me somewhat.

But, when I compare the cost between hardwood and laminate, (carpeting isn't an option as maggie our dog has accidents) laminate makes sense. Especially right now with Sam and Jack being so rough on their surroundings. You see, we live in our home 24/7....since we homeschool. Sam might be upstairs doing his work or reading, or Jack might drag out his lego or they may have friends over to hang out...and inevitably, drinks are spilled, markers are stained onto the floor or scratches appear from who knows what. Plus, the other big positive to using laminate is the fact that I can replace the carpet in Ella's room which would be wonderful!

We are thinking of putting it in temporarily till they move out...which surprisingly is only five years away or less for my older two....that way when we do sell we will have nice new hardwood floors...I wish I knew what to do. I want to be financially practical and get the most bang for my dollar...but at the same time, I don't want to wish for hardwood everytime I am in their room....

Am I being silly....seeing this photo of Jack fast asleep, half on the bed half off...makes me wish I could just do berber. But, with Maggie it just isn't an option.