Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yard Sale Delights

Life is good again....I have managed to go out twice this month to a few yard sales. It is a slow start this it poured rain, it was cold....but we were up and out by 7:30am.

Today I found some nice jewellery that I am most pleased with and some pretty pillows.
Last week I found this most beautiful green tinware baking set. I imagine making rice pudding in it as my Aunty Jean used to bake her rice pudding in these lovely old yellow tinware dishes. I also found a lovely old glass pyrex dish...that I will get a lot of use out of. I want to try to get away from storing all my leftovers in plastic. Having dishes like these means you cook, serve and save all in the same dish.

I also found this lovely old wicker purse..though not at a yard sale. I found it uptown at Roy's Army Surplus. I love his store as he has so many neat things. I used to take Sam my middle son to his store as Sam has a major army memorabilia collecton. It was such a nice surprise to find this wicker bag tucked onto the shelf as I have been collecting them for many years now and they are hard to come by. I love them and I have quite a collection. This is a pretty one...though not overly impressive...but because they are harder to find I couldn't leave it behind...

Already I can't wait for next weekend...

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Dirty Little Secret

One area that seems to bring lots of quick jokes at my expense is my need for my dishwasher to be loaded in a very specific way! Discovering the secret of loading a dishwasher is only entrusted to certain unique, highly intelligent, fairly organized individuals like myself. I can take a sinkful of dishes and make them fit into an already full dishwasher!

So, when I see a plate on the top rack or a knife facing upwards or a cup in the wrong section...then I have to fix it! Now, I am even so bold to correct Alli and Shane as they attempt to load the dishwasher since I consider them family and not it is fair game when it comes to my dishwasher! Though correcting them means I am the butt of many jokes...I still can't resist fixing their blatant errors in loading a machine that brings peace and harmony to relationships! My marriage would have been over within two years if we hadn't gotten a dishwasher! This is serious stuff!