Monday, June 02, 2008

Window on a Window

Well, I'm not sure how others will feel about my latest little garden decorating. I have a nice big garage that also includes two huge ugly windows on the side of my flower beds. Until we actually renovate the outside, the windows are staying. However, since I moved in, I have hated them!

One of the things that came to me when I first moved here, was the idea of hanging an older paned glass window on top of the big hopes of tricking your eye into seeing something cottagey first before you notice the big ugly windows.

I had two larger old glass paned windows upstairs in the loft of the garage. I had wanted to paint onto the glass to give it some wow...but knowing how busy I get and how I procrastinate, I decided to just go ahead and hang the windows. Well, it wasn't so easy to hang them but I did finally get it done. Here is the end results and hopefully you will like it more than my husband and three sons...thankfully, my smart little girl ella loves it!

Oh, and yes, they are each a different colour which I will be fixing asap! I just wanted to tackle the whole issue of hanging them and having that problem solved. On the next sunny day, I am painting them to match each other! I am leaning towards the green because it matches the door...

before adding window

after adding the two windows

Got the double hammock up...we love our hammock!