Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holiday with Matthew Mead

I can't wait to receive this beautiful magazine that my sister has helped to create! When I stop and think about how someone from our small but beautiful town, has managed to live out a dream of writing and decorating for someone as talented as Matthew Mead well, I think that's kinda cool!

I encourage you to support ...this magazine. Matthew Mead has chosen to publish this magazine with minimal advertising. Instead, focusing on creativity & content! Someone has finally heard the frustration from readers who feel all they end up buying is another magazine loaded with advertisements and minimal content!

You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Beautiful Fabric

Today I was out with my mum and we wandered through our local Fabricville ever hopeful to find something unique and fun!  We left disappointed!  Then I headed to Calais, Maine for the afternoon with my husband and peeked through the fabric department at the local Marden's.  They actually can be a great source for drastically reduced, pretty fabric.  I managed to buy my Waverly fabric for my tent trailer last summer for only $1 yard!!!!  Anyways, nothing inspiring today!

I love fabrics...I only wish I had a budget for the many amazingly beautiful fabrics available online.  I discovered some beautiful fabrics by Heather Bailey at her online store.   Her fabrics are inspirational!  I realized that I enjoy sewing.  So far, I have only been sewing for practical purposes.  I have made slipcovers for my camper, curtains, pillow covers, etc...but I'm itching to sew some things for the house that make me smile on a daily basis, not just when we go camping!  Can't wait!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Kitchen Reno...Finally! Part 1

After much feet dragging, excuses, laziness, lack of inspiration, fear of committment, we finally began the long, tedious process of giving our kitchen a lipstick makeover! I could go into all the tedious details involved in prepping & painting old cupboards but I will spare you all the details

Dining area.  

I will say is my goal in life to NEVER do this again! I am deeply committed to doing a great job...but is stressful! I want a kitchen that reflects my tastes, our family lifestyle, my love and need for colour,

yet won't involve expensive, time consuming neutralizing for when we do sell our house someday in the future.

The hideous painted peeling tile...Gone!
Priming the walls.

Then came the patching and sanding of the walls, replacing heaters, electrical plugs and switches, and finally priming and painting the pea green walls! The colour I chose is called New Brunswick Sky! As I write this, I am not 100% passionately in love with the colour...but I do love it! I have learned to wait until the end to see if the ideas  bubbling around in my head actually looks as nice as I hope they will be!

The nightmare of finding the right colour!

One thing I did was fill in where the knobs and handles had been with wood filler and sanded them which added extra work but worth it!

A sampling of the old wallpaper.   Vintage 1970's