Monday, January 23, 2012

Life in our Livingroom!

This is my livingroom where we use and abuse it everyday!  It's comfy, messy, and one of my favourite rooms in my house!

working on the tree

this is a camera app from my phone to add that 70's flavour.

love this vintage feel to this photo!

My sweet little ella!

This is Ella talking about Outflow at her school.  Her Vice-Principal made this video to share with the students at her school.  She started volunteering with me along with my niece Kristen almost two years ago.  She comes with me every month to the one we hold at our local church.  I am always amazed by the ease in which she serves people who often look rough because of their sad situations.  We get quite a few kids coming to help at Outflow under the watchful eyes of their parents;  it is one of the highlights for me!