Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our New to Us Camper

Summer 2011 we purchased a new to us tent trailer.  It is a Starcraft Centennial with some extra features that we love!  One being that it is high sided which means you do not have to flip over your sink to break down.  This saves time and allows for extra storage.  The second thing I love is the white cupboards and light  flooring!  I don't know why camper manufacturers still produce those awful brown cupboards.  If only the camper manufacturers would discover pintrest or blogs about people who mod their campers!  They might be inspired to try some colour inside!

The other great thing is air-conditioning.  I never thought it would be something I would want or need, but we travel to the states to camp and leave the fresh Bay of Fundy breezes behind us.  We have been so grateful to have this feature, especially this summer in New York when we camped less than hour outside of the city. Very hot!

Anyways, I thought I would post some photos because I know that other campers love to get ideas from one another!  I certainly have been inspired by other campers who show off their modifications, though with this camper I didn't have to work to hard like I did with my last one.  This was just needed lipstick!

I made new curtains and valance to replace the standard  tacky curtains that come with campers!  The little white and black dots on the wall are chalk & whiteboard dots that my daughter plays with!

The Clothes hanger on the ceiling is used to hang a shoe holder which is great for bread, chips, and other food items.  I use a plate shelf to elevate the toaster oven giving me storage underneath for plates, or whatever.  The shower caddy I cut to fit and use it to hold cups, dish soap, magnetic spice holders.

We have a tip out window and the kitchen slides out to give you  more room.  The tip out window was screaming for a modification.  We created this shelf from a closet system, wire and some s hooks.  We drilled two holes into the metal frame and voila, a sturdy shelf that I can't live without!

We added extra S hooks from Ikea to hang our Ikea mugs.

Using larger S Hooks, again from Ikea, I can hang my frying pan and my cute  little whisk from Anthropologie!


Opposite the door was a hanging closet.  I removed it as it was bulky and I would rather use the plastic drawers.  I also hang from the hooks in the ceiling from the closet, the 3 tier organizer.  Way more practical and keeps the camper feeling  roomy!

On this counter I used a shoe rack upside down and as you can see, I add my coffee maker, grinder, etc.. without losing counter space!  I hang my necklaces of the ends of the rack...very handy!  I also used more chalk board decals on the fridge...very handy!

Love all the cupboard space!

Double Sink, Hot & Cold Water and filtered water!
Love those 3M hangers.  No space is wasted.  I love my small Bodum kettle in Orange!  My toaster  oven is both a toaster in the traditional upright sense and a toaster oven!

There are drawers under the seats and plugs too!  You can't have enough plugs!

Very Roomy & Comfortable!

I always change the knobs in my campers.  So easy and fun!  Love the extra storage too!