Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Beautiful Fabric

Today I was out with my mum and we wandered through our local Fabricville ever hopeful to find something unique and fun!  We left disappointed!  Then I headed to Calais, Maine for the afternoon with my husband and peeked through the fabric department at the local Marden's.  They actually can be a great source for drastically reduced, pretty fabric.  I managed to buy my Waverly fabric for my tent trailer last summer for only $1 yard!!!!  Anyways, nothing inspiring today!

I love fabrics...I only wish I had a budget for the many amazingly beautiful fabrics available online.  I discovered some beautiful fabrics by Heather Bailey at her online store.   Her fabrics are inspirational!  I realized that I enjoy sewing.  So far, I have only been sewing for practical purposes.  I have made slipcovers for my camper, curtains, pillow covers, etc...but I'm itching to sew some things for the house that make me smile on a daily basis, not just when we go camping!  Can't wait!

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