Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ella's pretty in pink bedroom...

Here are a few photos of my little girls room. The room originally was dark and gloomy. This is what I call a make-up renovation. We still have to replace her windows....summer 2008 and add new flooring and trim which will hopefully be this fall. I have reconciled myself to getting laminate for upstairs until we can replace it later with hardwood. I can't live with the old carpet and it kinda freaks me out that it maybe harbouring dust and dirt. We have a woodstove so I prefer surfaces that can be wiped down.

The wooden kitchen set is a favourite!

Her bed I bought at a yardsale for $20!

Gifts from people we love!

Desk & Chair from Value Village for $20!

A closer view of her kitchen! She uses a vintage china teapot!

Lousy photo but it shows her beloved Jasmine lamp.

A couple of photos proving Ella has actually slept in her bed...even if it was just pretend!

I will add more photos later of the other side of her room....the room was messy that day from renovating their brother's room. So, I just moved all the junk around till I couldn't take any more photos. I wish I had a better camera with a wide angle lens...did I mention I hate my camera!


restyled home said...

You know this is my favorite room in your house! You did an outstanding job, and I know she loves her playroom...oops, I mean bedroom (inside joke!!).

restyled home said...

I am still laughing!! You are a funny girl, you!! Ella looks so serious...almost indignant that her Auntie is making fun of her and her "shrine"!! LOL

Cottage Magpie said...

What an adorable room! Nice job! I'm jealous because I only have a boys room to decorate. It's still fun, but there's none of my favorite colors involved, sadly. ~A :-)

onelittlemustardseed said...

Hah...until I had ella I had an aversion to I love it! I still love decorating boys rooms though...I miss decorating for little boys!