Monday, March 26, 2007

Sitting by the fire....

Okay, I know I am getting silly but I love my fireplace and writing about it is sillier still! It is one of those things that I always wanted in a home and only one other time when we had a rental did we have a working fireplace.

When you are selling your home you never know what one thing will sell your house...create that emotional attachment. For me in this house it was the vintage turn key doorbell and the fireplace.

Since we moved in, I have since repainted the fireplace to a crisp white to help balance the funny green colour I picked for the livingroom walls. Naturally, the first person to damage my nice newly painted fireplace was Andy but that was to be expected as I have a cupboard full of damaged crockery that he has broken over the years....he let a couple of logs roll out onto the tile and they burned a mark into the paint that I had to sand down and repaint. But, since problems!

There is something so cosy about a fire and you can't help but gravitate around it. When we light a fire we tend to all hang out and drink some tea and watch television or talk or blog with my laptop.

Later on we plan to add some more moulding to the fireplace and reface the fireplace with tile. But for now, painting was a quick, fun fix.

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Heidi said...

I've always loved your fireplace since you painted it. I love the painted brick, I'm not sure I'd want that to be redone!

I myself am hoping for a house with a fireplace, as I miss that crackling noise and the mesmerizing pleasure of watching the flames.