Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My plans....subject to change!

My house as it! (well early spring 2007)

Just thought I would share some of the styles, colours or items that are on my wish list for the renovations on the exterior of my home...hopefully next summer...though a new tent trailer might delay it by another summer! We plan to build a nice sized deck just off the mudroom entrance with wrap around stairs which avoids needing a railing. The front steps will also be replaced with new ones that my husband will build...we hope to do these two projects this summer...though they will not be attached to the house until the siding is completed.

I really want to add the middle gable. It would add so much light into our staircase. Plus, this shows again two windows on each side...far more balanced.

I love the red!!! We also plan to add sidelight windows to the front door.

I have pondered a linen to light yellow colour..but I know I won't go with that. I want something light but earthy to fit into my woodsy landscape.

Colour scheme I am that is my siding profile that I must compromises there!

This is a faux stone product that I plan to put on my foundation.

This is how I plan to update the garage.

The red door is one of the front door styles I am considering.

This is a cape cod that is as old as mine but has been updated. I plan to reshingle our roof...purely cosmentic...and I like this colour and style. Plus, I like this colour a lot...but it only comes in the profile shown so it isn't really an option. My dream is wooden siding...but it is more than double the price!

We also plan to "maybe" replace our two picture windows with two individual windows to balance the house on each side. However, I just don't know if I can sacrifice my feel as though you are outside when your sitting inside...I love that! So, this is a big struggle for me.

Not the best photo...but my view takes up the whole wall and looks out on a very private woodsy lot in the middle of suburbia!

I will add more photos as I find them on my computer...I am a sloppy photo person who has no order to her pictures!


restyled home said...

You have great ideas as usual and your home is going to be outstanding when you are done with the improvements. I can't wait!!


Heidi said...

I'd hate to see those big windows go, I actually think they look better than having 2 windows on each side....too predictable and you'd suddenly look like all the others. Plus you live INSIDE the house, not out on the front lawn. I'd go for what's best for your living enjoyment.

My vote is the big windows stay! As if my opinion counts, lol!

Splaneyo said...

I love your house ideas - they all sound great! I love a red front door and I am all about symmetry, but I think your house if awfully cute as it is. I understand though, we added on to our house a year ago. Our old kitchen was so small that is now the bathroom. I sure wish I had done something like you are doing with the photos. I just had stacks of magazine pages and the rest was in my head and it is a dangerous place up there. Have a great weekend.


Angela @ Cottage Magpie + Home said...

What great ideas! I am trying to find the perfect linen/yellow color for my new house. Although I am also considering a sagey green. I love that garage door photo--very cute. As for your front windows--I think the big picture windows are charming. Is it that they seem too wide to you? I think you could keep the large window but make them longer--i.e. make the bottom lower, so the bottom of the window is closer to the floor. Then the window would be more up/down shaped instead of side-to-side shaped, and it would look more like what you like but also give you an even bigger view. that's what I'd do. There's a house I have driven by that has that and I think it's cute (I can e-mail photos if you want). My current house has the smaller windows, and I'm always sad for it being (a) really dark inside and (b) not being able to see the garden. Something to consider.

chriskauf said...

I was thinking all that side door needed was a deck for the entry, I love the close up samples of siding and stone and the garage door , all things I would like to add to my own home, I hate plastic siding, I would kill for a mudroom and a side door entrance how quaint and practical.
Your house is charming , a little lipstick should do it.
Happy planning

busybee said...

Hi Wendy...

Had a few minutes to look and read. It's amazing to look at the transformation of your house. You are so creative and best of all thriffty (2 ffs??). You are the best at making improvements on a budget. Your house is beautiful and I always feel inspired when I come to visit.

I'm new at this so hopefully this finds you.

Denise :)

onelittlemustardseed said...

Hi guys,

thanks for all the lovely comments! Quite a boost as I am wishing I was doing more...I would love to see a photo of those desire is to keep them, but my husband wants two windows...though I know my view will win out...becuause it is so lovely!