Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Love of Crows....


I was just visiting my sisters amazing blog Restyled Home and she was singing the praises of crows once since it is the season, I figured I would feature an artist that I love and Pastor who is also an artist, David Hayward. He seems to have an appreciation for crows that I just don't share....but I love everything else he paints! If you love crows, or if you love great art, then you are about to discover a wonderful artist!

He has an ebay store that you can visit if you like the thrill of an auction or the ease of buy it now. Or, visit his etsy shop where he features large and small pieces and his prices are amazing! His art is featured in local art galleries and it resides in homes around the world. If you buy a piece, you'll discover that his art touches your soul, it speaks to you! So, if your looking for a unique holiday gift for friends and family or some beautiful art to grace your home....then look no further! He also has his blog where he discusses technique, can check it out here.


Stormy Sky Crow Calling

Early Winter Leaves Fall

Crows Evening Roost

Taking the Christmas Tree Home

Winter Treeline


Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

What lovely pictures! I'm so glad to see them. I especially love the moody winter treeline at the end, I think that's my favorite! ~A :-)

Vee said...

The one that resonates with me is the tree with all the crows atop. Looks like my backyard if we substituted turkey vultures.

Chloe said...

His paintings really are special!

restyled home said...

Come on, come on...get those Halloween pictures up!!!!!!!


Terri said...

Oh, those are all so very lovely..