Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Linda!!!

Linda with my mother & my little girl Ella.

This was a few years ago...just after Ella was born...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! Without you I'd be lost...your my best friend and the one I trust with all my stuff! Your an amazing wife and always put your family first...your loving and kind....and as a sister and best can't be beat!

Your an amazing writer and decorater and you inspired me so much this past couple of years with your fearlessness in starting your own business and stepping out into new adventures! Sorry I couldn't be with you today, but I'll definitely be there for your 40th birthday bash!

Be sure to drop by her blog to say happy birthday!


restyled home said...

Wow, Wendy!
What a sweet post! And here's me thinking you were avoiding my calls...LOL! I have never seen that picture of me with Ella and Mum...NOW I remember going there...hmmm, maybe I should cut my hair again!

Love you and thanks!!!!!
Linda xox

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Awwww, how cute is that! Happy Birthday...wait, I'll go over there and say so in person!
~Angela :-)

Patricia said...

What a sweet dedication to your baby sister! The picture of the three of you (both photos) are very nice; I like the one of the 3 of you on the porch in particular. As the little cousin girls grow up, hopefully they will have the same kind of bond as you 2. They are almost sisters!

shanniebell said...

It is so lovely to see such caring and thought with sisters. I love the pics
take care
shan xx