Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wanna take a peek at my bathroom before I transform it????

Call me crazy...but one thing I appreciate on other people's blogs is real photos...not those perfectly posed, perfectly coiffed rooms that look as though no one lives with that in mind...I have decided to show you my bathroom before I renovate it. It really is a perfectly acceptable bathroom in the scheme of life...I don't plan on spending more than $200 on this room and I hope when I am finished it will look much better.

So, being a nut for honesty, I decided to share my bathroom with you on a typical day. We use this room to do laundry, for the kitty litter, to access my cleaning supplies for the house, for ella to wash her hands fifty million times a day, I put my makeup on here and of course, we use the loo!

Isn't this an awesome shot of my loo..those are my dried hydrangea from my garden. The wall colour is not bad...kind of a coffee cream colour.

These are my white wooden blinds I recently purchased for $5.00!!!! They were a miscut and even though I had to watch and wait, they finally hit a sale price even I never expected! That is my garage in the background.

Okay, I have four kids...doesn't everyone run out of toilet paper...this is being replaced along with the old heater...My sister informed me that the rust is due to pee pee accidents and not condensation as I had always believed...eeew! The rusting came BEFORE we moved in!

Okay, I can't change the tile right now as it runs into the hallway. However, we are painting the vanity a rich chocolate brown and replacing the counter top. Behind the April Cornell fabric is our kitty litter...

I hope to add some moulding around the doors and drawers to give it clean shaker look. Right now the vanity is just a very plain wood.

Okay, why am I showing you is because of the oil leaks we get from our hinges and to point out the lousy paint job done by the last owners...
And they don't even match! We plan to replace the hinges with new dark bronze hinges to match our new door handles.

A shot of your basic door knob...I can't wait to replace them with my rubbed bronze door knobs...they were one of the more expensive items but worth it!

Odd knob number two!

A pile of clean laundry and a shot of my cheap mirror which I will either replace or frame out but going horizontally and centered under the sink.

These lights boxes are a thorn in my side. We have to remove them, gyprock the openings and reposition the light sockets. If possible, we will remove the whole bulk head if we can. That amazing painting of a sunset was painted by my nine year old son Jack!

Another shot of the sink area. I want to position one light socket over the sink. I have new taps to replace the older ones which I bought three years ago when we were planning to build a new house.

We were preparing to paint our ceiling in this shot.

So, there you have it! I could have waited and taken the photos once I had tidied the room and finished painting the ceiling. But, once again, I remembered to take the photos once we got started. I hope my bathroom doesn't offend you all to much!


restyled home said...

Well, well,'re in a real "burn your bra" kind of a mood, aren't you?? I thought only I got to see those before shots!!
I really don't feel as special anymore...

Your less daring sister,

onelittlemustardseed said...

Well, once you informed me that rust on heaters is actually rusted pee pee, I felt I needed to share that piece of news to the world since I've had so many people visit my bathroom and they probably thought I was a disgusting in the hygenic department...

Laurie Anne said...

Can't wait to see the transformation. I'm with you on the "staged" photos. I much prefer to see the "real life". Makes me feel better to see laundry and empty tp rolls, I'm not alone :0)

Laurie said...

I look forward to seeing your new room. It's a big space and has a lot of potential. I'm redoing my kitchen and I wasn't brave enough to show a "real" photo. Kudos to you for being brave. Have fun with your project.

stavroulla said...

It's still tidier than mine :) Good luck and I can't wait to see your re-done bathroom.


Michelle said...

I too believe in full disclosure in the before shots! LOL! Can't wait to see what you do with the room - it will be lovely!

Lady P said...

All of us renovators love seeing before and after photos! Your bathroom looks great. I am with you on the "ick" factor of the heater...pee???