Sunday, April 06, 2008

Springs warmth...

Today was finally warm, sunny and smelled sweetly of spring! I left church today feeling pretty flat and discouraged. However, ella really wanted to go outside, so together we went outside and started weeding the flower bed. It is a huge double sided bed with little flagstone steps seperating the two sides. One side is still wild and overgrown with grasses, and I am hopeful that this spring I will have more time to focus on my garden and make it something to feel proud of.

We spent the afternoon outside enjoying the warmth, working away without jackets and happy to discover the plants sending out their little fresh spring shoots! Ella's two little friends stopped over to play with her and while they played I enjoyed weeding and puttering. I always feel as though my thoughts become clearer as I pull the weeds! I can often work out things that bother me and put all those weedy thoughts into their rightful place!

So, even though half my yard still has snow...I feel hopeful that spring is here. No more looking back!


restyled home said...

So happy to see you posting again!! I love all the photos you took, especially the last one...very artistic. I think you should take some photography are very talented at it. If I lived close, we could do it together...wouldn't that be fun??!! We could take pictures and then SCRAPBOOK together!! Have you started yet? Wait, don't answer that...I think I know the answer!!

Your loving sister,

onelittlemustardseed said...

Hah, with a 2 mega pixel camera I find taking photos frustrating...but I would love to persue it once I finally can afford to get a good camera! No, I haven't started scrapbooking, but a couple of friends from church will help me to get the album done in honour of Michelle.

Lady P said...

I agree, a higher mega pixel camera takes very nice pictures and it is easy to blow up any photos as well.

If you want some scrapbooking help when it comes to Michelle's memory then I can also help. I have lots of tools, papers, etc. Is this for her daughter? You?