Monday, May 19, 2008

More Treasures!

There wasn't many yard sales this weekend. It was at our last yardsale that we struck gold...we, being my mother and I is my yard sale side-kick! Sometimes she finds something I really, really love...but often we are both pretty content with our purchases. She totally understands my need to keep things moving along...and we bite our tongues when one of us takes to long.

I found this amazing painting done by a local artist! I was thrilled! I have it leaning against my mirror until I get it up on the wall.

This is another painting I purchased at the same sale...I plan to change the frame and hang it during the winter. It is by an artist from Chipman, NB.

This is another picture of my beautiful glass mosaic I found last weekend. I hung my summer curtains and bought new pillows for my couch in the states.


Lady P said...

I love the mosaic glass you found. They look perfect in the windows and cast such a beautiful multi-coloured glow both inside and out.

It is amazing how different a room looks with different curtains and a few throw pillows! Geez it looks like a total makeover!

Heidi said...

Yay for you!! You find the coolest stuff.