Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Camper Remodel

New screens, canvas repaired, awning fixed.
 I'm finally posting photos of our old Bonair tent trailer that we sold last summer.  We bought this from one of my husband's co-workers in early May a few years ago.  Because the couple were sooo nice we didn't insist that they put up the trailer all the way.  They told us there were a few rips and some minor repairs needed.  So, we paid them and took our new trailer home so very excited!

Wow, I quickly became discouraged once the thing went up.  It needed so much work.  The canvas was in terrible shape with many rips and tears, the floor was soft in spots, the fabric on the beds, seat cushions and curtains was duck themed and I felt like crying!

But, my hubby reminded me that we got a great deal, the camper was made in Canada and was very sturdy over all and we both love fixer uppers and would have fun remodeling the tent trailer.  So, we went to work and worked hard under a tight deadline as our first camping trip was booked with my family!  

We removed all the canvas, I scrubbed all the mold off, then set about sewing patches into the canvas.  I used my trusty sewing machine, worked outside on the deck, found myself sewing with pounds of fabric draped over and around me.  My husband would have to hold the fabric to support the weight so that we wouldn't kill my sewing machine.

He replaced the floor underneath, painted any rusty items outside, we added new taps, plugs, shelving, I made new curtains and slip covers for the seats and added some fun items to organize and utilize space.  We laid new cushion floors, new door knobs, oh and new bug screens on every window...that alone saved us hundreds of dollars!  We finished it off by waterproofing the fabric.  Enjoy the before and after photos!

icky curtains

if only you could see the holes and tears in the bug screens...

ugly, dirty,  green slipcovers and gross curtains 
area where the floor was soft
New Curtains, New slipcovers, new cover on the mattress

This was a 12ft box and very spacious.  We added a shelf over the sink, new hardware on the cupboards, a new tap, spice rack, and many other extras.
The couch with a new slipcover and it folded out into a bed.  Very handy with four kids plus it had more storage underneath.
Loved these handles from Target

I used a shower organizer cut to fit to hold my retro melamine dishes and  other kitchen items.

perfect spot for drawers and our coffee maker
New Taps!

It really was spacious and airy!
Bed all made up for sleeping.  That is a locker organizer hanging of the rod and I used butterfly lights since our camper being older didn't have the connection in the ceiling.  It was perfect!

I still use this in my new camper.  At the top is where I put my paper towel  which is perfect!

Next time I will post before and afters of my new camper which I love!  It is one of those high sided tent trailers with all white cabinets!  Love it!


john william said...
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Restyled Home said...

I really loved this camper. You and Andy did such an amazing job!

Marjorie said...

Love what you did with your trailer! Was it difficult to take the canvas off and put back on? We have an older model tent trailer that needs canvas work and are afraid to try it ourselves.

Mimi said...

We just purchased a very used pop-up and I'm interested in learning how you repaired the holes in your bug screen. Ours has several small holes and tears in it. Love all of your ideas!! I can't wait to start our remodel.

VJC911 said...

I just love this. You guys did an excellent job. We just bought a new Rockwood popup and I have gotten some great storage ideas from these pictures. Beautiful colors!

Elinor Haswell said...

This is what you call an extreme makeover! It's nice that you added cupboards, changed the curtains, and installed a new sleep cover. It's so cozy!. I love the cabinet handles, too! Hehe! A year's passed already and I hope your camper's just as beautiful.

Elinor @

(Chris) said...

I have my parent's 1968 camper they bought when I was 5 years old. Its set up almost exactly like yours. Being very sentimental I won't get rid if it but it needs some repairs and updating. Side tents have pinholes throughout and I want to replace the mattresses and covers. Thank you for showing your hard work ! Gives me the incentive to dig in !!

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Jodi W. Brown said...

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