Monday, September 21, 2009

The Beauty of Wallpaper

For over a year now, I have been planning some changes to my mudroom. One of those changes that I was most excited about was to add wallpaper above my white beadboard. I wanted to do something different & special. Plus, I have secretly been excited this past year exploring all the possibilities available now in the wallpapering world.

However, as I searched for the perfect paper for my mudroom, I instead discovered the most perfect wallpaper for my diningroom! I ditched the mudroom & started imagining it on my diningroom wall! Wallpaper isn't cheap, but wow, am I ever glad I saved up for the splurge. It added the finishing touch to my diningroom. I think when I finally found my elusive diningroom light within my budget, (uhmmm $10 for an Ikea Pendent Light) the stars aligned & I found the energy & inspiration to finish my diningroom! I can finally proclaim that my diningroom is finished!

This past weekend, I papered the largest wall in my diningroom with the most beautiful light blue wallpaper with big white flowers...think dalias or mums! Everytime I walk by the room I smile & feel so happy that I can finally say that ONE room in my house is actually finished!

My diningroom is so light & airy...I have always loved the clean lines & light airy colours of Swedish style & this room allowed me to nurture this love! However, I can never lay claim to one particular look as I always add my own eclectic touch from my weekly treks thru local yard sales!

I love this room! I do so many things in my diningroom & it is by far the sunniest room in our home. I hope that it a place where friends & family always feel happy & relaxed in! When I think back to how it used to look when we moved its first transformation to now, is like the clouds parted and let the sunshine burst thru!
Oh, & thanks to my friend Heidi for taking the top three photos as my camera does not have a wide angle lens!


Heidi said...

Whaaaa!! I have wallpaper envy!!!

It looks so freakin' good!

Shannon said...

Very pretty! I love wallpaper, and I keep seeing all these amazing rooms with wallpaper these days. I am getting tempted ! Great job!

Katrina Chambers said...

So fresh and inviting! Great job :)

cousin Deb said...

Hi Just found your blog today thanks to your sister's mention. I live in Nb too!

Centsational Girl said...

I am a HUGE fan of statement walls with wallpaper. Yours is so lovely. Fabulous feature !


Andrew said...

You did an excellent professional job Wendy. It looks great!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

That wallpaper is beautiful. I am a huge fan of blue & white, so this is right up my alley. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

I noticed you were onelittlemustardseed. :) My name is from the biblical reference of a having faith the size of a mustard seed. It reminds me that a little faith can do big things and is also the name of my business.