Monday, October 26, 2009

Staircase Makeover

We just finished painting our hallway and plan to move onto our stairs. Since moving in we have lived with stairs that are pretty beat up. The rails are loose, the stair treads beat up, the runner going up the stairs was stapled on...basically screaming for some attention.

A small view of our stair rail.

So, feeling inspired by how well our hallway turned out we finally have turned our attention to the stairs. Since I last posted, we tore apart the railing, ripped out the runner, removed lots of staples, filled holes in the wood, and I have painted the first coat on the stair trim running up the stairs.

The staircase before...

I have begun to sand the rails & Andy is on board with my idea on how to make our stairs look vintage & pretty. He still isn't sold on the idea...I wish I had a photo to show him what I am thinking of...we shall see if it works out...but I hate spending money on what might be a wasted idea. Oh well, I know where I can reuse it should it look silly.

Railing Removed

Last night at Kents, I snagged a mistint paint for $10 which will look perfect for the stairs! Andy installed my new/old light at the top of our hallway stairs. I am so proud of it! I will post about it seperately because it represents my decorating style & belief that it should be inexpensive & recycled if possible! I'm already panging for yard sales!

The stairs primed & holes filled.
So, we continue to work away on this project. I need this done before Christmas because of my Christmas stockings that my sister in law knitted for us years ago. They are one of my most cherished Christmas possessions! I need my stair rail to hang the stockings! However, I am also working on my mudroom. It is being made over for Christmas too! Nothing like a deadline to get me moving! Merry Christmas Season everyone!


Tara Kay said...

I happened upon your blog through a google search. I would say my style is retro-contemporary, but seeing the pictures of your beautiful home is making me consider going vintage. I love it! I would love to see the final pictures of your staircase.

Candie Rossler said...

There were staples on your staircase? What, like you stapled the runner? LOL! I wonder how your stairs looked like last Christmas. For our spiral stairs, we used lots of garlands, lights, and fake poinsettia flowers. What about you?

Brielle Franklin said...

Awe I really wish I could see your new staircase remodel. I did see your lovely new kitchen and I am in love with the colors!
My husband and I have been looking to remodel our second stair case however we have been looking at spiral staircase prices and those seem very appealing to us. Plus it would add more space to the kitchen.