Monday, August 27, 2007

Boy's Bedroom....After Photos....

Okay, I'm done the boy's room...almost! A few minor details like shelves inside the closet and installing their new burnished bronze door handle and hinges, but I can wait! If you read my other posts on this room, you will know that it has been a long process! When you renovate, delays are the norm! You can check out the before pictures here.

When we built our new houses, you go in, and you can pretty much do a room and walk away fairly quickly...but renovating...nothing is simple! In this room, we replaced all the trim, the flooring, closet door, electrical switches, outlets, heater, patched & painted. I won't go into all the petty things that can and do go wrong!

We are all pretty happy with the way it has turned out...we compromised on hardwood floors and settled on laminate. Someday we absolutely will go with hardwood throughout the upper level...but for budget reasons and doggy reasons, this is a great solution! I love the blue paint colour in their room...I have used it before and do not grow tired of it. It changes with the sunlight and the room always looks sunny and fresh!

One thing I am proud of is the price I paid for a lot of items...I bought our closet door for $5 at a yard sale! All the trim and laminate we got on sale, and I will add little comments about prices beside the photos so that you can see how great yard sales can be if you are on a budget!

Okay, we had the bed, but the bedding was only $20 on clearance...that is a complete bed in the bag and it looks great! The metal lamps were $7 at Walmart, the map on the wall $2.50 at the Great Canadian! The shelf above Sam's bed was a yard sale find for $1!

Solid Canadian maple bedside table $10 at Value Village, I painted the drawer fronts only! The lamp was from my favourite american store The Christmas Tree Shop...I think it was $9!

The window shows of a few of our vintage dinky car collections! The blinds are wooden and would retail for approx $70 for this size window but I paid $5 at Kents on clearance because they were cut wrong! They don't quite fit the window, but the yard sale curtains hide that fact!

The solid pine shelf bought at a yard sale for $1 featuring our rock collections and one of Sam's many trophies and one of my favourite dinky cars! Oh, and Sponge Bob...another kid favourite!

This is one of two shelves that I bought at the Christmas Tree Shop for approx. $4 with an original painting by my 10 year old son Jack! One of our bobble heads! We are hockey fans!

Another original artwork by Jack with a Toronto Maple Leaf bobble head on my other wicker shelf!

This is Jack's side of the room! I managed to find a headboard similar to his brothers at a yard sale though it does not have the drawers under the bed like Sam's. I do have wicker baskets under the bed to hold his odds and ends.

Here you can see my $5 closet door and $2 pewter handle. The wire shelving we had and we had to shorten it. I did a different colour on this wall to focus in on the angles! One big reason why I love capecods...they are not your traditional boxy square rooms! You can also see our laminate...when you compare it to the yucky carpet we had before...this is lovely!!!!

This is a shot of my favourite thing...and the photo does not do it justice! This is a woven wool rug that is silky soft and feels so good on bare feet! I found this at a yard sale for $2!!! I actually have to give the credit to my mother...she knew I was on the look out and she spotted it first...I am so grateful! It was spotless and almost seemed brand new!

Okay, this is by the door goint out. I still have to paint the book shelves and add some art to their wall but otherwise it looks better in real life. I wish I had a wide angle lens...someday! The tree hooks is a favourite of mine and the kids hang their towels in their room...otherwise the bathroom is overwhelmed with towels. The shelf beside the door holds Jack's pj's and stuff...I found that at Walmart for $20!

Another shot of their room. I bought them this doodle board and listed their daily duties and weekly duties to help them keep the room clean! They are doing a great job so far. The lamp was a yard sale find for $2...and it is a tri-light!


restyled home said...

Hmmn, if you were on Trading Spaces you would definitely come in on budget!!

Yay!!!! I am so happy to see the finished project. It looks clean and vintage-modern with all the great accents, and that colour blue is to die for! My favorite thing , though, is the accent wall painted smart and it really shows off the boys collectibles. I love the laminate- the colour you chose looks very clean and Scandinavian looking.
You must be so pleased every time you enter the room!! Can't wait to see it in real-life...


onelittlemustardseed said...

Thanks Linda! We do like it and I do get a thrill knowing we did it on budget!

The kids like it too...they are actually keeping their room clean!

Heidi said...

i love it!!!!!! i'm amazed at how amazing it looks and how you did it "on the cheap" but it looks fantastic!

you know we've spent a small fortune lately on picking up some new furniture etc., though all were great deals....but from now on, i'll be depending on yard sales for any future decorating treasures!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Are you saying that to stress me out! This community is getting to small for me to share my yard sale treasures with you, alli and shane!

I might have to move!

Anonymous said...
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