Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Bedroom

My bedroom is large...and has neat angles and three windows! It also has two closets so I have lots of storage. However, all that we have managed to do so far, is to paint the walls, ceiling and trim...oh and the closet doors until we renovate the room the way we want to.

We plan to add an ensuite bathroom. The area we chose shares the wall with the main bathroom, so it will make plumbing the bathroom relatively easy and fairly inexpensive! All we need to do is add a wall to close in the space, install a pocket door and voila, we have a private space to transform into our own private bathroom! I know how I want my new bathroom to look and I can't wait till we tackle that project! But, it will all tie in together with finishing the renovations on our bedroom, so for now I wait.

I will show you my bedroom as it is today. I wish I had before pictures! My only reason for showing them is to remind you of the power in a paint can! I think we can forget how much paint can transform a is fairly cheap and easy! I painted the ceilings a pretty blue as our house is on a treed lot and my bedroom is on the shady side. The walls are a pretty green...but you can't really tell from the photos, but it does look pretty with the blue. I consider it a quick fix as I had used the wall colour in my last house and it didn't involve much thought! I just needed to remove the blech beige walls that was a favourite of the previous owner. Painting the old mahogany closet doors, trim and windows to white really lightened and brightened the room.

I change my bedding with the seasons...that is my weakness...beautiful bedding! However, I haven't indulged for quite a while! I do love April Cornell linens...which is on my bed right now! Many of her prints are timeless...I have had this duvet cover for almost 10 years!!! Though, I haven't used it in a very long time and when I do, it is only seasonally!

To the right of the bed is the window with my much loved white cupboard. On the left, you can see my wicker chair which you can't actually sit in as the ceiling slopes to low. That is where we plan to build another book shelf so that they flank the window seat.

The cupboard was another yard sale find from years ago!

The cool chair I bought recently at a yard sale for $2! My other Heidi bag!

My husband's grandmother tatted this for me before she passed away. I cherish this!

This photo better shows the angles of the wall.

I love my vintage wicker chair & dresser!

These are more vintage pictures I bought at a yard sale. They are all paintings of Bermuda.

The window seat that we plan to make deeper. The seat has storage and is wonderful for hiding christmas gifts!

We plan to build book cases in under the eaves! For now, the tv and ella's barbie house own this corner!

This is the area that will be turned into our bathroom. It doesn't look large in this picture, but it will hold a toilet, sink & shower!

A small dresser I plan to paint. But for now, it holds my books which will someday be on the bookshelves that need built!

I love the old Limoge jug. The vase normally holds flowers, but ella takes them everytime!

I love this old vintage picture!

My old suitcases that hold more of my books!

Some of my favourite jewellery hanging from my dresser mirror!


restyled home said...

Good grief,
What has gotten into you...posting four times in one week??!! Are you bored or something??
I'm kidding, of course. I'm so happy to see all your pretty rooms. You know I love your bedroom. The colours are great and the way you put all the things together and they just work...
My faourite item in your room is the flower watercolour painting above your bed. I have officially given up my quest to get one out of you. No sense flogging a dead horse!!


onelittlemustardseed said...

Someday, someday...I need to take some lessons first!

I'm posting because I am sooo bored from being sick! I don't have the energy to do anything else so I thought I would finally post my photos...hope it isn't to much...

Andrew said...

The April Cornell linens look great on our workbench! :o)

restyled home said...

I am happy you are in blogland more. By the way, wasn't your blog different last night? I had meant to comment on the change (which lokks great), and now it looks different again. Yes, you are definitely bored, but it is never too much. Keep it coming!!


restyled home said...

Hey, where are all your links? I tried to link out of here, but vamoosh...they were gone!!


restyled home said...

Where are you getting all these beautiful backdrops for your blog? You should post a tutorial for all of us non-techie types!!


chriskauf said...

Yes I love the new look of you blog, but more I love the blue wicker chair, what a great gothic shape, need one of those.

Splaneyo said...

I love all of the pictures. I like the new blog-look too.