Monday, August 27, 2007

More on Ella's Room....

Okay, I'm on a role now...I finally took photos of the other side of Ella's room. If you check here, you can refresh your memory on what the other half of her room looks like. This room is in no way finished! We still have to do the flooring and add new trim throughout and into her closet. But, a lot of work went into painting her walls, windows, trim, closet, furniture and getting the room into the shape it is in now! This was the first room we did that we realized we could transform a room....inexpensively and love the results!

Her beautiful $20 iron bed found at a yard sale!

We love the angled walls which I painted a pretty blue which is also the colour of the ceiling! The blue is more subtle in the daytime, but this shot was taken in the evening with low lighting! I love how her desk is recessed into the window. The table fits snugly under the slope of the roof!

Another shot of her room showing her bedroom door and her angled closet door!

Ella's has angled ceilings so for her it is a walk-in but for me, I have to watch that I don't hit the light! There is lots of room inside and we put a chalk board on her door!

Some of her princess dresses and her wicker drawers for all her tights and bathing suits.

A favourite pair of slippers, hand knitted in Newfoundland! They sit on a shelf that runs the entire lenght of her closet and wraps around. We put it low for her to easily access.

This is a photo of my belly when I was pregnant with Ella. They used this photo for a midwifery conference. Ella loves seeing this photo!

Not a great shot, but I put the mirror low so that she can see how pretty she looks when she gets dressed! That is one of her favourite dolls!

A wooden cradle that my mother painted for Ella!

Her table and chairs that I painted. I got the wooden ironing board at a yard sale!

I love the vintage picture above the ironing board! I have quite a collection of vintage prints that I wish I could use somewhere! The beautiful purse is hand knitted by my friend Heidi.

I love the wicker chair I got at Winners and the table my mother painted for me!

Another shot of her cradle and her pegasus horse!

Her favourite wooden kitchen that I got such a great deal on! Ella uses real, vintage teapots since I have quite a collection and these ones are pretty sturdy!


restyled home said...

This is a little girl's dream bedroom! I love this room and all the pretty details. Too bad she won't sleep in it...!!!

chriskauf said...

Wow, her room turned out beautiful, L love the hideaway type clost, what fun. I can't believe they used your belly for a poster, nice baby belly, mine wouldn've decreased births , my current belly could be used as birth controll, you should be so proud.
I too had midwives for my daughters births, I was grateful for when I was pregnant with Mason midwifery was just covered by provincial plan, lucky me.
Anyway the room is great , I am sure it pleases you to see how nice it turned out after all the hard work that went into it, well done.

onelittlemustardseed said...

Thanks Kris! Ella now has started re-decorating her room which drives me crazy! Did you have a homebirth??? That was my dream...

restyled home said...

I can only imagine Chris having a home birth on her beautiful, perfect bed!! LOL!! My guess is no, but I have been wrong before...
So tell us Chris, is that why your girls have great style? Did they land in a soft layer of Shabby Chic bedding??
I could never have a home birth...I'm too fussy...I'd be cranky at all the mess and it would take the "fun" out of childbirth!!
Yes, I'm in giddy mood for some reason. I stayed up too late last night so I'm finding everything inexplicably funny (I'll get cranky later...)

Princess Kris said...

Ella's tea-table has pretty sturdy chairs too. They hold me up easily when me and Ella have tea parties! However, I do have to watch hitting my head on the sloped ceiling when I wear the tall party hat!