Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another memo to me...

finished painting the dining table today
finished painting the first four chairs
framed the most beautiful abstract painting by the talented David Hayward.
got a second coat of paint on two of the next four chairs...ran out of paint...for umpteenth time!
found a temporary fabric for my dining chairs today...for a dollar!!! Yep a dollar!!!
found a tres cool funky fabric I love, but can't afford yet!
finished covering the seats...and it is now after 1am and I hate my electric stapler...junk!
painted the front steps
painted the mudroom steps
plus general housework, homeschooling, kids & meals...not bad for one day!


restyled home said...

Wow!!! Are you on speed or something?? Oh wait, it's probably that souped up, "put hair on a bald monkey", coffee you drink!! Way to go just one more thing: take some pictures before I go crazy! You don't need all eight chairs to be done to put it all together. PLEASE!!!! For me, the great motivator??!!

chriskauf said...

I agree , I want to the proof.
I would love to see all of your work, i think its the fact of winter or cold weather looming, once it comes I am on a break from renos,painting, anything , I promise, my deal with my dining room chairs was that they were waiting for this past summer, well I waited till the last day of summer, but now they are done.

restyled home said...

Okay, you promised me...where are the pictures?? I want them, and I won't stop hounding you till they are in front of my eyes. No excuses!!


onelittlemustardseed said...

hah, it was the coffee that kept me going and thankfully the cooler weather that got me moving...oh yeah, and linda telling me it would be quick and easy...yeah, right!

Arlene said...

Oh I love your home! And for a minute there I thought I ALMOST found someone with a to do list longer than mine!