Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1970's Vintage China Cabinet

I would never have imagined that I would be loving many of the same things I talked my mother into getting rid of! Recently I found this china cupboard on isj and remembered how we had one similar to it...not super great quality but a staple of most households in the 70's!

The lady was selling it for $20, mainly because no one bit at her original price of $40, then it dropped to $30 and when it hit $20, I snapped it up. My husband primed it for me as I was sick with pneumonia. Then I finished it off with a Martha Stewart paint in a beautiful scandanavian blue...I love it!

One of the challenges is the frosted glass doors. I don't care for the pattern and it seems to "granny" like. So, I am playing around with some ideas to replace the glass doors or paint the glass!

I just finished the last coat and I will show the after photos once I bring it inside from the garage!


restyled home said...

Great colour choice! I can't wait to see the finished project...I say go for ribbed glass as you are definitely not frou-frou!!

alli magee said...

oh my goodness wendy im amazed at how good it looks already! and i must admit i was skeptical.

but it looks so good and i can just imagine how great its gonna look.

thats very similar to the colour im doign our bathroom in today. i got the tiniest tin of paint and my hands are blistered from leaning down on the roller so much cuz i need to use ever drop!

im really excited about seeing what this is gonna look like!

Heidi said...

oh dear, what a terrible greedy person i am, because i'm jealous!! you find the coolest things for the greatest prices!

Heidi said...

hmmmm, you're now making me look at our 70's tv cabinet in a new light. it's stained in that icky honey stain, but maybe the right colour of paint would do the trick.

now just where to put it??!

onelittlemustardseed said...

As much as I love the piece, it is forcing me to paint my dining set..which is a good thing as I have put it off since moving in...