Saturday, September 22, 2007

Memo to self

Since we went camping the second week of August, we have all been sick. Four out of six came down with pneumonia and ella my youngest is now miserable with a bad cold, fever, chest infection.

However, within all that I still managed to get a lot done on my todo list. I should also add, my husband has done his fair share too!

Stacked six cords of wood
split cedar for kindling (on going)
painted front door
painted mudroom door
painted trim
painted garage door
painted china cabinet (on going)
painted dining table & eight chairs (on going)
harvested my little garlic patch...big disappointment
cleaned and decluttered house
cleaned and decluttered garage
weeded garden
started decorating for fall
started homeschooling three kids grades 5, 8, 10

Still to do....

Paint steps into house
remove shingles by garage
paint trim above garage & fix rain gutter
take more stuff to value village
fix lights along flower beds going to my mums
finish kids homeschooling schedule

to be continued!


chriskauf said...

Oh my goodness , I feel tired for you .

Heidi said...

ah, so this is why i never see're toooooo busy!!

great job on accomplishing so much under those circumstances.

i hope this week sees everyone escape their illnesses.

onelittlemustardseed said...

You haven't seen me because we've been sick and we have avoided public outings as much as possible.

Then when I've had a minute and could get away from a sick kid...I've been working. Though when I had pneumonia, I didn't move of the couch except to watch Lost...which I am missing sooo much!

I'll be at church today...

Jill said...

I'm in awe, seriously boggles my mind how you get so much done.