Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Newly Wallpapered Mudroom Phase 1

About 2 1/2 years ago, I redid my mudroom to a lovely pumpkin orange with lots of wicker & new slate floors. I loved the mudroom but felt a need for a change as we have been changing the colours in the whole house. I most recently painted the hallway & replaced some doors. So, seeing this, I knew I could not put off any longer my ideas for my mudroom redo!

When we bought this house the mudroom was in dismal shape. You can check here for the story of its first before & after. I chose the pumpkin colour to blend with the earthy colours already in this house when we bought it. Plus, I plan to use my mudroom as the room where I can try out every bold colour I want because it is a small space. So, I knew the pumpkin was a temporary colour...something to enjoy for the short term since I have always loved shades of orange!

So, as we progressed with the rest of the house using lighter, happier colours, I realized I was becoming tired of the pumpkin colour. I loved it, but I had had enough. About a year ago I discovered an amazing wallpaper for the mudroom. I brought home samples & settled on the pattern. However, I then discovered the most beautiful wallpaper which suited my diningroom to perfection. So instead of doing the mudroom, I bought paper for the diningroom. That delayed me doing the mudroom once again. Check here to see my diningroom wallpaper.

So, I had settled on the idea of just painting the mudroom until recently my mother & I were out shopping & she encouraged me to just buy the paper & be happy for it! So twist my rubber arm...& here is the results of a full week of work. I painted, primed, wallpapered, filled holes, and went nearly crazy matching & cutting in and around awkward, not plumb corners & walls! I hope you like it!

Of course, with every new redo, you discover that the items you used to decorate before just don't work anymore. I really loved my wicker purses hanging in my mudroom. I've collected them for about 20 years now & love to show them off. However, the pattern is to busy & it clashes with the wicker handbags. I also had to remove my wicker drawers which I used daily for storage and to hang Maggie's leashes plus extra coats, etc. However, I'm pretty excited with my new to me accessories.

I bought of Kijiji a couple of months ago an Ikea Wooden shelf with drawers which I've been covering with paper plus an Ikea glass sliding door cupboard. I just need to get it up on the wall & repaint it to match the beadboard using my mistint colour in linen.

This photo is from another blog...I'm so sorry...I can't recall where...I can't show mine till it's done so I wanted to show you my inspiration! I paid $10 for my drawer set. Above it will go the glass cabinet painted to match. I may etch the glass....maybe!

I painted the beadboard using a mistint called Linen. It was $40 & I paid $10! Not sure if I am keeping this in the mudroom. But it is practical.

This is the room after, but before decorating! I love my bench! I bought it at the Kingston Market from a guy who makes them here locally. I love to always mix in natural pieces. My slate floor is the kind that is rough cut or hand hewn...not sure of the technical term. But I wanted the real slate because it reminds me of Ireland. I might switch to faux wooden blinds in white.

I love the vibrancy of the wallpaper. I only wish my photos would do the same! This is where my cabinets are going & I plan to hang iron hooks to replace my old wicker drawer unit.

I also painted my door black! Not an easy task in December! I plan to replace the handles when I replace the door.

These are the double doors going into a very large closet! Love them!


Restyled Home said...

Wendy, it is beautiful! I love the graphic pattern of the paper and I can't wait to see how you "dress" the room. You will add some unique touches, I am sure.

I am glad you are almost finished papering those Ikea boxes. I will finally be able to stop nagging you to show the pics of the finished product!

Can't wait to see you at Christmas. I can't wait to plop down on your comfy couch and jsut listen to you speak. Something interesting and profound always comes forth and maybe if you drink enough wine, I will sound smart, too!

Love you so much!
Your lucky sister,

Heidi said...

Wendy, it looks AWESOME!!!! You truly are inspirational!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Good grief Linda, the only profound things coming out of my mouth is my foot! Love ya!

onelittlemustardseed said...

Thanks Heidi...nothing like a self imposed deadline to get my butt in motion! I'm pretty happy so far...I'm slowly removing all the drab depressing colours of this house! Yeah!

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Just Beachy said...

Oh I love this mudroom , great choice in wall paper.